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GDT: New Jersey @ Pittsburgh 7 pm


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I know it sounds like Henrique will start on the 3rd line, and maybe he needs to prove himself there first, but I sort of wish deboer would try forward lines like this.

Parise - Elias - Henrique

Kovy - Zubrus - Palmieri

Tedenby - Sykora - Clarkson

Someone - Mills - Someone

Reasoning for Henrique on wing is that he played well in the AHL last year as a scoring wing with Anderson, and in Junior he had much success on a line with Hall, who has said he models his game after Zach Parise.

Just a thought.

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I think Henrique would be a good match with Kovalchuk. He has similar explosiveness to his game. Henrique doesn't slow the pace down, he keeps the pace pretty high. Henrique, however, isn't as safe defensively as Josefson so there may be a few odd man rushes the other way.

I agree with this completely. While Josefson is out, I would not mind having Kovy with Henrique. I really don't like Zubrus centering Kovalchuk for some reason.

DeBoer has a lot to experiment with. There are tons of options still.

Also, I hope Tedenby gets some more time with better linemates. He is continuing to prove himself and has nothing but his size (defensive ability is still lacking but seems to be improving) holding him back.

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They need to leave Clarkson with Tedenby for a while, for some reason they work very well together. Clarkson-Teddy-Josefson was a nice line towards the end of last year too.

lol I can't believe Clarkson got that penalty when he ended up on his toosh.

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