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Exotic pets?

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I know there are lots of dogs and cats here, but does anyone keep anything a bit more exotic out there? Like maybe...tarantulas?

This is my b. smithi, often called a Mexican red knee. Very docile, it's the one you see most often in horror movies. It's only about 2 inches, but may grow to be 7.


This is called Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens, or GBB (green bottle blue) This look completely different when they mature. Only about 2 months old here.


Anyone? :)

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You can pick them up if you want, they won't bite you :)

Haha -- tell that to my sister in law! When she was little my husband was playing with a wolf spider,

letting it crawl all over him and she was freaked out but he talked her into letting it crawl on her saying it woudn't bite...

the little bastard bit her!

She tells that one to this day and warns me not to let him let our daughter play with spiders.

They're all named wolfy (we always have a new supply in the basement - I lov eit when they get big.

They live about 3 years! Cool isn't it?

I love spiders :wub: but you can't kiss them and hug them and stuff... same problem I have with pet fish. I'm too into cuddling stuff

I'm so glad you can cuddle chickens. It takes care of my whole bird thing. I never thought you could cuddle a bird and they're so ^*%@^&*( cute!!!

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