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na na, na na na


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i appreciate the replies, but they were all wrong

i know for sure its not angel in the centrefold

i just wish i knew the lyrics, it would be so much easier

wait to kill our self esteem... jk.... next time u hear it get a verse or so.. im much better at this game witha few lyrics that are actually real words!!! :)

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does anybody know this song?

its played at hockey games

it goes" na na, na na na"

but im not talking about the "na na na goodbye song"

if you think you know it, juts reply plz

Sorry to bring this topic back to the top of the page.. not sure if she ever figured out her song and i popped a cd on at the gym the other day.. and then realized a song with NA NA's in it.. that i do here at the games.. "One Wild Night" by Bon Jovi... they play that.. not every game.. but lots.. so that could be it !!!

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no its not bon jovi , thanx for trying

Sorry HE ... I do that all the time.. I dont know why I form terrible assumptions of the posters sex without inquiring... I truly apologize Sir!!! And sorry that wasnt the song.. dammit!! Thought I was on to something... You dont remember any other words??? not even one? :)

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well :noclue: they say nahnahnahnahnahkneees knees in Welcome to the Jungle...

WTF dude -- give us more to go on.

Female or male singing?

Slow or fast nah nahs?

What does it remind YOU of?

What vocalist/band would you guess if there was a gun to your head?

Is it a chorus of Nah Nahs or one voice?

How many nah nahs are there?

Is it ALLL nah nahs?

Is it like three nah nahs? two? 18?

Is it high pitched or low pitched nahs?

Come on now -I'm not joking above - you obvisouly have some take on the nahs or you really wouldn't have sited them right? So ELABORATE if you really want an answer.

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it goes nah nah, pause, nah nah nah, they are sang by one guy

its kind of like soft rock

male singer

a soft male voice comes in after, but i couldnt hear the chorus

i have no idea who sings it

i guess i would have to say it reminds me of eye of the tiger, but dont pay too much attention to that

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slows nahs

Ive never heard this at a devils game./. but Cuts like a knife by Bryan Adams has some NAH NAHS.. sort of soft rockish and he is one guy!

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