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Yeah, Smolinski kicked the puck into his own net.

The reason Joe scored on the 2-on-1 was because Chara was pinching in from the point, which he wouldn't have been doing if it was still 0-0.

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Oh good lord... Leaf fans are running wild in the streets here. I think there will be a few assault arrests by the end of the night. A band of drunken blue and whites are marching down the street yelling "SENS SUCK!"

Argh... what a bunch of cocky idiots. :argh::argh:

Maybe I'll take up basketweaving to pass the time....  :(

haha... oh man, me too... :rofl:

What did you guys think of the referees? :puke:

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What did you guys think of the referees? :puke:

I never complain about the refs. Some are bad. Some are good. Some make more mistakes than others. Some let more go than others. Some call every infraction. It all evens out over the span of a lifetime.

Sens played conservative hockey when they should have been playing firewagon. With Sundin out, Toronto couldn't have matched.

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I thought the Sens were good in the first period. And it went downhill from there. 3rd period was the worst, I think... after the 1st goal, they lost it.. :(

Well, I'm not complaining about any bad calls, apparently there were none, but the lack of calls... like that Roberts-Chara thing should've been a penalty.. Anyhoooooooooooow... Not to whine or anything.. lol

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I think I'll agree with 7. This has got to be the worst playoffs ever.

go Leafs, Go Wings, Go Avs! 2 original six teams and the old Nords who play exciting hockey.

as for the Flyers, well I'm with you on that one

it hasn't been exciting yet, but at least Nashville No Way and the ultra boring Stars are almost gone. We won't have to put up with a Mighty Pukes/Wild WCF this year.

You're a jackass ^7^ Avs clutch and grab worse than the Devils and have lameass star fire power and STILL can't manage to win like the Devils. You boggle the mind. You have NO work ethic you're idea of great hockey is effortless garbage I can't even hack it -- your joining the Flyers on ignore...

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I agree with what Don said regarding the Sens' effort tonight. Neil Smith hit on it during the game. At one point, they held the Maple Leafs without a shot for over 24 straight minutes. But Ottawa didn't pressure Toronto enough. They didn't use their skill to exploit the mismatch without Sundin. And in the end, they got exactly what they deserved.

Nice to see Domi get that goal. Even if it did bounce off Smolinski's skate, it was Tie's hustle that created the original chance. He had jump.

As for Nieuwy's goal, that was a beauty! Nieuwendyk has been great this series with three goals. And that shot was perfect. Right against the grain inside the far post. Lalime had no chance.

Two points on this being the most boring game:

-not in the 3rd period

Domi's goal energized both teams. Ottawa came close to tying twice. Once, Varada went around McCabe and lost the puck at the last second on a deke try against Eddie. And the other, was the key play that made it 2-0 instead of 1-1.

Chara was setup perfectly on the doorstep but flubbed the shot. If he gets it clean, the game is tied and it probably goes to OT. Instead, he flubs it and the Leafs catch him and go two-on-one the other way and score.

I expect Ottawa to win Game Six and push this series to the limit. They have to play better than they did tonight.

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The first 12 minutes or so of the third period were good, and then it seemed like the Sens were on the edge of giving up.

But they had quite a lot of scoring chances - all they needed was to translate them into goals... those misses were dumb. That Varada chance should've been a goal...

I have a feeling this series will go to the Leafs. Unless the Sens pull themselves up next game and have some really great offensive play, I'm afraid they can't count on chance goals off the skate of a player.. they gotta take more shots.

Oh, and that Domi goal, that was classic non-hockey.. the only way Domi can get a goal in the playoffs is when it's actually scored by a player on the other team. :rofl:

Go Sens go!! :dance::clap:

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Nice to see Domi get that goal.

Derek you disappoint me. devil-smiley-101.gif

Well Zam, I've always been a Domi fan since his Ranger days. It doesn't take away from what he did a few years ago. That was shameful. But I admire how Domi has turned himself into a hockey player. He once was just a goon but not anymore. His skating has improved leaps and bounds and he is a good forechecker. He also can give a team a spark. And btw... if you put him on a scoring line, he can pop a few goals. He scored 17 or 18 goals playing with Sundin a couple of years ago. He's the epitome of hard work. Oh, and it was Mark Messier that straightened out Domi. He sent a message to Domi that he could be a better hockey player. And Domi worked hard at it and has improved. Domi credits Mark with that.

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