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Hi All,

Welcome the annual state of the forum and donation request. NJDevs.com turned ten years old in July and we also hit one million posts this year. NJDevs.com continues to expand in membership and activity. The trade deadline and free agency start accounted for record traffic equaling previous year traffic totals in two days.

I want to thank the other administrators, MSweet and Rowdy for their continued support and advice in the background.

RSC and Martyisth3b3st for running the member awards. The chat crowd for entertainment during the games. Hasan, Crasher and Aylbert for running the popular fantasy leagues.

The website runs about 95$ a month to run with the hosting and software. I hope we can get some donations to cover the cost again. Any amount is appreciated if you enjoy (or hate) posting here.

Once some funds come in I will begin the process of updating the software of which we are several versions behind now. If you have any comments and suggestions they will be looked into!

Thanks again everyone,

Brad “DevilMinder” Smith


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Thanks Crash! In addition to many anon donations we are now up to $415! I paid up the software bills so we can now be upgraded soon. I had to buy a new website skin and I tried to keep it as close as the current one. I know the new version is going to get my crucified like changes to facebook.

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