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GDT: NJ Devils @ NY Islanders + Viewing Party

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Not too often a team can score a total of two goals in two games (one per game), not look particularly good doing it, yet find a way to win both games.

This team is reminding me more and more of the '07-'08 squad...the one that managed 99 points but really had no business putting up that many. The big question is, can they continue to smoke-and-mirror their way to that many points this season? The Devils aren't going to keep killing penalties at a 94.0% rate. I'm not stating anything everybody doesn't already know in that Kovy and Parise need to start putting some friggin' pucks in the net soon. It's not fair nor reasonable to expect the Sykoras, Zubruses, and Clarksons to continually have to do the job that those two are supposed to be doing. I do have faith that Parise will eventually get it going...not to the tune of 40+ goals, but I think he has a reasonable shot at 30 if he can stay healthy. Kovy I have no faith in at all...clearly it's not working here for him, he's never going to be any better than he is now, maybe if the NHL was a pond hockey league he'd be a stud, but if the Devils think Kovy is the cornerstone to build around (and clearly they did when they re-signed him, but hopefully that's not the mindset now), the Devils are in trouble. Not saying they can't make the playoffs with Kovy as "the man", but they can forget about making much noise upon getting there. Oh well...another 14 years or so to get the answer to that one.

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It was like something out of Braveheart.

wowww that was pretty pathetic. thanks for puttin that up

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