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GDT: Islanders @ NJ Devils 1PM 11/26/11


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I hate doing this so if someone has it up before please delete...I get to see my first devils game at the rock this year (wifey is prego, so if you see a couple being rushed out it means my boy is on his way ;-p )

Anyway, I am hoping to see the boys bring some energy and maybe Zach can slam Tavares around a bit more...

Please feel free to insert pictures as neccesary, I am rushing to get my pregame on! :koolaid:

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I look at it like this..the Islanders aren't going to get shut out every game and they've only won 2 of their last 18 games. Therefore, pressure is on the Devils. They played decent up until that turnover I suppose. But if they lose this it's obviously embarrassing and another 2 points down the drain that we do need whether you guys believe it or not.

Another -1 for Parise. And Kovalchuk.

Any day now guys. Excuses are over. Long over.

What is Parise on the year -8?

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