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GDT: Islanders @ NJ Devils 1PM 11/26/11


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The system was on fire against Buffalo 2 weeks ago and it was solid against Tampa for the first 2 periods.. It reached it's peak during the first period in Florida and came crashing down after that.. Hasn't seemed to recover since, but those 3 games the system showed how powerful it can be when the players are buying in all the way and it's running on all cylinders

Agree with pretty much everything you said, but it's funny you mention those specific games. Those games are great examples of the team clicking early on and falling apart down the stretch. We didn't win a single one of those games' third periods. We broke even in Buffalo 2-2 (after building a 3-1 lead through two periods), got outscored 2-1 in Tampa (after building a 3-0 lead) and got blanked 2-0 by the Panthers in both the second and third periods (after jumping out to a 3-0 lead in the first).

The signs of life are there, for sure, which is more than we could say about the team grasping Sutter's system in his first year here. The consistency needs to come. The aggression can't come at the cost of defensive accountability.

Er ... I mean ... it's all Kovy's fault.

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Realllllly agree with DiG's analysis of the Kovy situation.. I just don't get why he is the fans' chosen scapegoat.

It's not all the fans ... on this board, most people make excuses for him. It's this simple: He's not producing enough to make up for his bonehead mistakes. Not even close. So he deserves heavy criticism.

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