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Colorado Rockies 1976

Just some random thoughts about Marty and Lou

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Well, glad we got the unknowable future all wrapped up then.

I feel Marty retires after this year, especially if there's a work stoppage. He's been getting injuries more frequently. He said himself that his shoulder issue from earlier this season was part of an injury that will never heal. I think he's getting ready to wind it down.

As for Lou, I think his time is done here. I love the old school philosophy but I don't think it's working anymore. I mean how many head coaches come into teams and aren't allowed to pick their own assistants? Why is everything top secret and status quo? Why can't players have any access to fans or digital media? Hell, players couldn't even do the Movember thing because of his facial hair rule. These things aren't a big deal at all, but these days it seems like fighting too hard to control things that don't need controlling. It may be time for some new ideas and new philosophies.

Pretty much where I'm at, re: Lou.

How many GMs stay on the job for as long as Lou has, with one team? Most of them are lucky to retain their jobs for one decade, let alone two+. Like I said earlier, no disrespect intended...overall he did an amazing job keeping the Devils competitive year after year.

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Marty will finish his career in Minnesota. His sons play prep hockey out there, so he'll want to be close to them as he finishes up his career.

He can stay at Zachs new house

We should trade them both there now before we lose them both fer nothin

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