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Rolston leaves game with concussion

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bigger rinks in europe it`s boring

no speed no agressiv

just rolling the puck

in KHL talks about small rinks - becouse it`s better for speed for show and in small rinks players must think faster - it`s so hot in NHL. please don`t make mistake with rinks

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Stevens winning the Cup should not have to be pointed out or have a star next to it. The fact is he shouldn't have been playing and perhaps continuing to play ended his career. Now maybe that 3rd Cup to him is worth his career ending short. After all his career ending short was at over 40 when he had already was in the top 10 of games all-time. But was it worth Crosby playing 1 extra game if he never recovers? Would it be worth for Marc Savard if he came back too early 2-3 times. What about Kariya and Lindros? And it certainly might not be worth it for anyone who came back early if their are long-term affects that ruin people's lives after hockey.

I don't think it goes to show "how good, strong, and tough" Scott Stevens was. People have been playing hockey and other physical sports for years minutes, hours, and days after a concussion. It just shows how either dumb we have been, or how little we have known.

Yup, this. It seems like there have been much greater numbers of people who have gotten concussions THIS year. I dont know if it has to do with all of the deaths that occurred over the summer that may have been concussion related or maybe technology just got better. Whatever the case may be, the league really needs to start making some drastic changes. Giroux, Crosby, Michalek, Skinner, M Staal....the list is getting absolutely ridiculous

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