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GDT: NJ Devils vs. Dallas Stars - Niedermayer Number Retirement


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ahh there we go! finally the league recognizes the event! (just took until almost noon for them to update the site)

NHL.COM: Devils set to honor blueliner who was a class above


Also Devils but up photos on FB showing all the banners in and around the arena and Championship Plaza commemorating the event. very nice!

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Saw this posted elsewhere...gee I wonder what Doc's referring to here??? :whistling:

Doc spoke at the fan club meeting tonight and said expect the ceremony to move a little quicker than the first two due to new league regulations which prevent these things from running too long due to, in Doc's words, "a certain never-ending tearful ceremony". A team can now be fined if a ceremony runs too long. This probably explains the 6:45 start time.

Doc will be on the "pre-game" show after the ceremony and call our game against Boston on Versus next month. He was scheduled to call our game against Buffalo last month but was prevented from doing it due to a hernia (his third).

And btw this isn't our first banner raising at the Rock, just the first ceremony...we've added a couple of division banners here.

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