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Gas Prices


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What are gas prices by you and where are you? Generally by me in NW NJ, about $1.65 so far for regular. I was almost on fumes today and filled the tank--literally and figuratively speaking--$44! smileeek.gifthud.gif It will be worse by Memorial Day then all summer.... :saddevil: I'm going to work for gas, it seems....

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$1.82 over here in Grand Rapids Michigan. They are supposed to break the $2/gal mark this summer. It's bullcrap. You know that fuel companies pay about $32 per BARREL for oil. But the government are still getting their tax part of it, so what do they care.

Another quesiton, how come the price of gas goes up, but the price of engine OIL doesn't? It all comes form the same place.

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im Not happy bout the gas prices.. but i am thankful i sold my 8 cylinder mustang... cause i was spending 25 dollars to fill that back in 99-01 but my new car has a 16 gallong tank so im still spending like 26 to fill... sux.. but i get about 140 miles more for that then i did with the Stang :)

I am greatful ot be in NJ tho.. we still have some of the lowest gas prices in the US!!!

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