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GDT: Devils @ Penguins 1/7/2012

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Awesome win. Marty with 41 saves. Don't care if ya think he's done, should retire, or what. Gotta admit he played a great game just as he did a week ago versus these Penguins.

Yea, Ottawa loosing is a good thing for us. It sucks that it was a three point game, but that's the way things go.

Either way, there's still a bunch of hockey left to play. It's not the end of the world if we don't win tonight. Don't get carried away, it's still only January.

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Guys, we're not catching the flyers, lets be realistic here. I dont mind the Rags or Flyers winning if they play bubble teams like WPG, FLA, WSH, BUF, OTT or TOR

I mean..they're 6 points ahead of the Devils. So it's not that crazy to think the Devils could catch the Flyers but with that said, one thing at a time. A win tonight, we hop over those cutie Penguins and worry about the Flyers when we actually play them.

I'm super excited for this game tonight. :pray:

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If we win and get 2 points, we're going to 5th spot anyways, based on tie breakers, it's just that we will be equal in points with Ottawa.

I would still like us in 5th spot, even if it is on technicallity :)


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