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GDT: Flyers @ Devils (feat. My Little Poni)


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lol you must be the only person on the board that thinks Fayne's horrible AND that Foster's good. Foster would make a nice replacement for the bronze statue outside the Prudential Center cause that's what he is, a big body that can't move.


Is this guy SatansDevil reincarnated with instead of his hate for Mottau, it's Fayne? All we need is the OOT scoreboard and we got the same guy for sure.

Haha, I forgot about SD, perhaps ohms is him. Speaking of old members, I still think DJ Stubbs is one of most memorable members to have graced us with his presence.

You guys are blatantly scapegoating Foster and it's ridiculous.

And thanks for mentioning Fayne. Talk about someone who played a sh!tty game... you're panning Foster but are willing to give Fayne a pass after he made a handful of absolutely egregious errors throughout the whole game? Gimme a break. There's zero credibility to any of the comments in this thread.

No one is scapegoating Foster. It has been very apparent to almost everyone watching the games that he is a big liability, especially when he is on the ice in even strength situations. I think anyone that isn't in to advanced metrics would agree, and though you hate them, the advanced stats really paint a picture of how truly atrocious Foster is on 5 on 5:


Larsson: 18.21

Tallinder: 17.34

Fayne: 16.37

Salvador: 16.13

Greene: 15.14

Taormina: 15.08

Foster: 13.65

Volchenkov: 13.46

Relative Corsi Quality of Competition

Fayne: 0.720

Tallinder: 0.663

Volchenkov: 0.366

Greene: 0.218

Salvador: 0.185

Taormina: 0.047

Larsson: 0.009

Foster: -0.570

Relative Corsi

Fayne: 5.0

Tallinder: 3.1

Taormina: 1.7

Larsson: 1.5

Greene: -1.2

Salvador: -5.8

Volchenkov: -5.9

Foster: -6.2

On-Ice Corsi

Fayne: 1.67

Tallinder: 0.35

Larsson: -0.30

Greene: -2.41

Taormina: -2.45

Volchenkov: -5.03

Salvador: -5.50

Foster: -9.47

Honestly I'd rather see Taormina earn a spot over Foster.

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I'm seriously not reading any of these posts because I just saw someone stick up for Foster.

I'm going to be really immature and realistic when I say this is the feeling and outrage everyone has when they see Foster make the plays that he's made here since becoming a NJ Devil:

FOSTER fvckING SUCKS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

If that's not your feeling when the guy completely panics, tosses the puck into his own defensive zones corner when he sees two players from the opposing team converging on the puck then may god have mercy on your soul and PLEASE give me the weed you are hallucinating off of. There are players in Albany that deserve a chance to be up to the NHL level and aren't getting it because of the horrible trade that was made for his sorry ass.

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Personally, I am happy I missed a large part of the game as someone was over my place. What I think is most frustrating are the coaching decisions being made.

1. Foster has been dismal, this is too obvious to everyone who has watched him play, why is he in the regular line up?

2. Clarkson is a one man/dimensional player in the O-Zone. Let him circle around the perimeter and pass to the point, teams actually know how to deal with him, that's why he hasn't been scoring that much anymore. On the contrary, they don't even bother covering the net because they know he isn't going to pass, thus taking away scoring opportunities and doing more damage. Put him on the fourth line so the other third liners can actually have an opportunity to contribute. He kills the third line. If he did that to Boulton and Carter, I'd be ok with it.

3. I hope Lou gets a player like Gagner for the third line, his value should be low enough right now.





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Nice and rested and calm now, and yet I come back here to see that several of you are still smoking crack.

@thefiestygoat, I never said that he was good.

You guys are overemotional, and just plain crazy.

But, you know what... none of you make player personnel decisions, so it doesn't matter. If you guys just want to rage at a couple of guys then so be it. I'm going to enjoy the rest of the season, thank you very much. Have fun with your angst.


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Nice and rested and calm now, and yet I come back here to see that several of you are still smoking crack.

@thefiestygoat, I never said that he was good.

You guys are overemotional, and just plain crazy.

Please don't throw me in the overemotional crowd, you will notice I only had 1 post in this thread and I'm not upset about losing to teams like the Bruins or Flyers.

You may not have said Foster is good but I don't understand how you could make a case that he is even acceptable. I think it is fairly obvious that he is the weak link on defense. For the record I don't hate him or the trade to get him - they gave up nothing. In fact, the big plus to the trade for me was getting rid of Pelley and Fraser. I would be willing to listen to any argument you can make that would prove Foster isn't a bad defensemen.

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I hate Peter Laviolette teams. They dive. They intentionally knock the net off its moorings. They hold Poni's stick. They elbow Henrique in the face. They take swipes at Marty. They slash Kovy in the junk so hard that he's lifted off the ice. AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT.

Ugh. Oh well. Like the Boston game, this was an instance of the Devils playing well against an elite team but making the wrong mistakes at the wrong times. Elite teams are gonna capitalize on those. There are 35 games left to work on that.

Keep choppin. Bring on the Sabres!

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