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Lazer, if you want to talk about the fallicies of one religion in particular, I'd suggest another thread. I can't stop you from posting here but I'll personally choose to ignore any attempts to make this about any one religion in particular. In my eyes they all suck but I am making that characterization based on the premise of religion and its requirement for a the existence of a supernatural power not for any other reason.

well ok but i dont believe you so im done:

Falk writes:

The idea of Israel as God's chosen people...is a key concept in rabbinic Judaism. Yet it is particularly problematic for many Jews today, in that it seems to fly in the face of monotheistic belief that all humanity is created in the divine image - and hence, all humanity is equally loved and valued by God...I find it difficult to conceive of Judaism that would incorporate it in its teaching: the valuing of one people over and above others is all to analogous to the privileging of one sex over another.


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I dont subscribe to any organized religion. I was baptized Catholic and my family (mainly mother) thought Catholic school was good for me when I was a child. I lasted a year and a half before transferring to public (Union City).

I dont care what anyone else believes. The only time I care is when it gets in the way of my life and affects me personally because of a believer's action "in the name of...". I hate when believers try to correlate patriotism and religion as if you cant have one without the other. This nation was founded under God as a concept which I believe is a nice notion, but Jefferson's wording do not indicate a theocratic choice. The church and state should be completely separate and churches should be taxed unless they are able to show they provide services, such as shelter, etc.

If your God is a fluffy pink chipmunk that speaks Gaelic backwards while eating cottage cheese, hey, Im all for your freedom to worship. But when you start blowing stuff up or trying to pass or influence laws that apply to everyone with religion as a backbone or even "inspiration" to that law, then I have a problem with that.

Morality should be preached secularly and propped up as a good thing with the law as a foundation, but religious fervor has proven to be very destructive.

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the romans killed jesus

:hail: thank you!

I actually brought up the Jewish thing. I really appreciate the way the diaspora can separate "church" and state completely. I think that's what stirs the hate. Bigots had no legal stance to punish them for their faith - attacking their faith was the only route they could take.

and I did say Israel is a whole other kettle of fish. A minority orthodox sect has control over the political system there. My liberal Israeli friends are just confounded by it. it's not at all representative of the majority there I am told. Basically all my liberal Israeli friends have left. They wont' even go back and their families that remain find ways to isolate themselves. It's just a really hard issue to tackle. Northern Ireland you're dealing with the same kind of issue - both sides depending what street you're on.

It's not the religion you're attacking correct Lazer? It's the situation. You need to educate yourself a little more so you can articulate a VERY REAL problem in an effective way. People need to be educated about this not merely stirred up. OBVIOUSLY I've had huge talks about it. ALSO Palestinians have the right to become Israeli citizens if they choose, They think the choice is intolerable -- the negotiations and semantics are just mind boggling.

Now... if you call me sugar tits, Lazer, THEN maybe we have a bias problem to deal with ... giggle.gif

animal-smiley-040-1.gifDancin____Dancin__.gifanimal-smiley-040-1.gif My Mel Gibson homage in smilie form . I think he;d like it!


and nice post ghdi! I'd be interested in buidling off of that. why is your stance considered dangerous? Advoca8 do you consider ghdi's stance as apathetic or dangerous? Does the argument come down to "where do you draw the line" :it's a slippery slope" with the response of "bullsh!t!" or a calmer "I disagree" do we have a back and forth we can have when you get to the subtler area here?

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