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Stuff Devils Fans Don't Say


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"i wish Lou would have been more patient with maclean last year instead of replacing him by a dinosaur"

"such a bummer Lou couldnt match the rangers offer for Gomez, what a steal"

"I still cant believe Vrana dropped to us in 2nd round. Feel bad for boston and nashville having to settle for scrums like bergeron and weber"

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"As far as I'm concerned, 2001 was the best Stanley Cup final in NHL history."

"I think our goaltenders are too young and inexperienced."

"We just have too many skilled right-wingers in this organization, we need to trade some of them for depth defensemen."

"I miss Ilkka Pikkarainen."

"Hope we can find a way to acquire Sean Avery."

"Thank God we got bumped to MSG+2."

"Chico is making SO much sense right now."

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"why would they retire brodeur's numbers? They were clearly inflated by the trap and a good defence"

"i hate kovalchuk since he punched Avery when we got him"

"so happy Roy proved he was superior to Brodeur in 2001"

"how do they expect to score goals on the PP if they keep sitting Janssen?"

"great pass here by Clarkson"

"if zach endup siging somewhere else i hope its for the rangers so i could still go watch him play"

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housley trade was best of what lou did

parise resing? what`s for?

hello nick. thanks i`m fine. yeah win 10-0. 3d time in last 10 games. no i stay at home - no interest for see our standart play

proude for our d-line. the scorest in the league.

name_surname is better defensman than scott stevens

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"I still think Johnny Mac wasn't given enough of of a chance."

"Ya know, it's weird. Hearing Stephane Matteau's name totally doesn't make me wanna punch a baby."

"Remember the old mascot, Slapshot? That was me in that costume. Whaddya say you and I grab some dinner? Then grab some drinks? Then see what else ends up getting grabbed?"

"And to think ... if Lou had only traded up, we coulda had Hugh Jessiman!"

"Ever actually meet Chico? Total douche."

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