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NJ Devils Viewing Party: Sussex County Round 2

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Alright so making it Saturday the 31st would be the best bet? Last party prior to the playoffs? If we make it into the playoffs id also like to try to get one together for one of the away games based on who we would be playing. The energy was great this past party, I cant imagine how itll be during a playoff game.

Also if anyone has any suggestions on how to continue to make these parties better each time please dont hesitate to post them up. :cheers:

I believe someone previously suggested trying to get the downstairs area as theres more room / seating? With the Pool Tables / limited bar seating, it doesn't leave much in the way of room if it were to get any bigger..

FWIW, if any of the locals are ever down for going on a "non-viewing party" night to watch a game, let me know, I'm always down!

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