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My Scott Stevens thread

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Rozzie went hunting for the first time this weekend!  She pointed 2 pheasant  Emma our 12 year old got all the chuckers    

I watched my nephew play hockey this weekend. He’s great.  He’s defense and not a big guy at all. (He’s 13).  But he’s smart and so disciplined.  When he was 3 he was a total wuss so my BiL got him more seriously into hockey to toughen up a little mentally.  He knows he’s not the fastest skater but I wasn’t shocked at how he played.  He’s very mentally fastidious and self-driven. We saw his last game of the weekend and everyone was so tired but man he took it to the body and kept his focus   I was surprised at just how focused he was! He took a pounding and just never got pushed off the puck.  I’d have liked him to keep position just a little bit more but I forget these kids don’t use the whole ice like a grown up can.  I’d liked to have seen the stick on the ice more but he certainly compensated making back up stops with his skates.  Not sure if he was exhausted though. Anyhow. I’m so proud of him!!! 

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And today's topic -- The Wichita Lineman   which I listened to on the way in to work.  Why? because Ron Swanson of Park and Rec was singing it, and reminded me how much I liked that song ... and thanks to my daughter I now know my husband is Dwight Schrute and Ron Swanson wrapped up in one.

My husband was hilarious.  We were laughing at random things he'd say and calling him Dwight and he was getting annoyed (because he had no idea what we were talking about) -- finally my daughter had The Office on while my husband was around... "Wait...did he just say 'venison heart is a great delicacy'?"  (that's almost the line, 22 years ago, that won him my heart)  then a while later ... "wait... is he wearing Birkenstocks...with socks?"     and then about a week later out of the blue  "Hey I asked my sisters -- and no one thinks I'm like Dwight -- Dwight right?"  Ahh... he's so adorable.  We'll see how he reacts when he watches Ron Swanson...


HA!  My daughter just texted us they watched The Office in history class today.  timing...I think it's lost here though... and now my husband is asking the relevance ... SEE????  how Dwight is that?

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