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My Scott Stevens thread


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Lil Peep.  ???

Im all happy my daughter’s current boyfriend likes the Devils. He’s wearing a Devils sweater. Then I am informed ... oh no, he’s not a fan of hockey even. He just likes Lil Peep. Lil peep is apparently a “sad boy” who sings about how much girls break his heart ... sounds kinda candy as to me...  

I think I’d go with azz for cuss word replacement rather than as.  

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In the Late Season
by Tom Hennen

At the soft place in the snowbank
Warmed to dripping by the sun
There is the smell of water.
On the western wind the hint of glacier.
A cottonwood tree warmed by the same sun
On the same day,
My back against its rough bark
Same west wind mild in my face.
A piece of spring
Pierced me with love for this empty place
Where a prairie creek runs
Under its cover of clear ice
And the sound it makes,
Mysterious as a heartbeat,
New as a lamb.

I subscribe to the writers almanac podcast 😊. ❤️

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Nothin too new. My mother is moving down here. Found a fabulous old fashioned place in Newtown PA. We were going to buy a bigger house and shed move in with us but this will be better. She can walk all over Newtown and not be stuck on a farm in the boondocks   So we found all my dads old fishing stuff. Two tackle boxes of Creek Chub lures from the 1940s. I’ll keep a few and frame them with an adorable photo I have of him fishing as a kid. The rest well sell on eBay and all go out fit a cute dinner somewhere fancy when my mom is all moved in. 
im amusing myself shoveling snow recreationally. I’m pigging OUT today Shrove Tuesday. Eating donuts because I’m not a pancake girl.  I’ll eat my last lot of processed white flour, sugar  etc. and spend the next 40 days and nights cleansing and feeling prentiously pious. Yeay me!  Ehhem— I mean Yeay Jesus!  Doin’ this thang together - fastin in the wilderness findin our way to clean hearts bodies minds and guts.
I’m going for a micro biome reboot. My boss is Mr Microbiome and I’ve been reading WAY too many papers on how amazing probiotics are. I think these things seriously work!!! Not to give away anything but watching lab studies as they go. I’m convinced!  So with Lent starting up it’s ideal to reboot the gut. Science and religion - perfect together. 

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Typos. Duh? Why else edit. Man even Scott Stevens corrected my typos. I haven’t forgotten big guy ...
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We have to clean out my dad’s 1997 Suburban. I think I’ll make my husband. My dad paid cash for it back in the day and until 2 years ago maintained it impeccably. I remember he put in a new transmission probably 10 years back and we were all so grumpy. Just buy a new freaking car!!! But he loved it 😁 he splurged for it (he paid cash for it, like his parents always did back when one could!) because he said it was probably the last car he’d own ( my dad thought he was a goner at 56 he was psyched to have made it to 61 back then! Who knew? He just was a massive party animal and thought he was going to have to pay the piper. Well ... 23 years later he sort of did.). He felt a little greedy buying such a huge car but he got tons of use out of it. Good thing my parents were cool because we took family vacations - multi family vacations in that car!  Lol. Even my daughter can’t go near it right now. She loves it. So many memories. Seriously - it’s got the emotions attachment of a house!!! 23 years!!!!! That’s INSANE!! 😂😂😂

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To say my dad paid cash for it. Again we were all WTF? But he just had to once in his life)
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Aaaand I just bought a Mulberry clutch bag.  I can write that here because no one cares. My friends would post it in “Insta 😁😁😁”.  I can’t even believe I did it. I just felt sorry for myself because I can’t get a camel hair coat in my size. The only place that has what I want (OConnels) has it in size huge.  So. I’ll console myself with a tweed with a black velvet color ... even though I’ll feel like I’m 10 again. 🙄. But I can’t really just buy it. Maybe I want a solid color?  And now I also want a black velvet box clutch.  And I’m going to need shoes for going back to work.  And I want a new house. But we’re putting in a septic so we can’t sells ours for another 2 months I’m guessing.  And I hate everything out there. I’m just feeling childish and self indulgent.  Whiiiiiiiiiine.   

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Aaaaasaand... my daughter got into her dream college, my mother found her dream retirement home (which seemed an impossible task - a 1900s semi-private retirement village close to her daughters).    Our sheep are all being reunited in one farm that’s not ours. That means we’re getting rid of the sheep 🐑.   We are in the throes of buying a new house and selling our old. We’re currently half vaccinated. So... not much going on..... 

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