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My Scott Stevens thread


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I… I wanna bitch about - and praise my new fitbit.  First off yeah- I’m one of those ahole addicts. And yeah if you pass by my house you will indeed see me see aerobicizing at 11:30 pm getting in my 15k. (I’m a fatass so not bragging here. WTF?  My metabolism is at its most efficient. I could survive easily on 800 effing kcals an effing F F F Fing F day!!!   Infuriating … 

ANYHOW … I have the inspire because  I’m cheap. And it’s great for my health metrics. My old charge 3 said my HRV was like 35. I thought I was a goner at 72 for sure at that rate. Anyhow. Now it’s a respectable 40-60. As if you can even trust that shiz really.  It’s like astrology on a fitbit. 
So it’s the “readiness” calculation drive me nuts.  If I walk 10k steps they’ll say thes extremely active.  Wth is THAT? I burn a truly measly 2100kcal I a day I get this nonsensical message “ oh dear!  You over did it. You better take it easy and watch some fvckin’ meditation videos to control you stress and don’t work out today take a nap. Read a book.  AHHhH)&/“(07/?&@:

just call me a lazy fatass even.  Ahh!  SO annoying.  My own mother called me porky OK?  I don’t need my fucin fitness expert tell me to chill …. 

fck.  This aging thing SO fing blows.  

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