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GDT Devils vs. Blues

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With Elias it is a little harder to judge I think. Mostly due to the fact that for pretty much the entire season in the shootout, the order has been 1)Kovy 2) Parise and 3) Elias. We have won a lot of times within the first couple of rounds so we do not see Elias out there as much as the other two.

I would like to see Henrique in there to see more of what he could possibly do. I might even be curious to see how Clarkson or even skyora do on it, but I wouldn't expect too much.

o yea, good call with that. but i feel like i would still feel like switching Elias out for Henrique in the SO

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It was our discussing/debating that led me to check it out. I knew they'd been good, but it did blow my mind when I saw to what level.

Haha yeah I figured and it is pretty amazing how good they have been at it. And I def do remember other teams fans and hockey "experts" predicting the Devils to be terrible at them. Goes to show you just cannot assume with these sort of things.

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