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Marek zidlicky traded to Devils.


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I'm not doubting at all that Zidlicky is a better player and ultimately will give us a better edge than with Foster. What I'm worried about is that we gave up too much (the 2nd rounder really hurts) and that his $4M will be an issue next year.

That makes no sense. Why does the 2nd rounder "really hurt"? If you think Zidlicky gives us the better edge then it's a good trade because we are going for the Cup THIS year. That's the thought process in making the trade.

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This trade tells me two things:

1) There was a market for Zidlicky.

2) Lou clearly thinks his team is a bona-fide Cup contender.

Not sure why anyone would bitch too much about losing Pelley, Fraser, Palmieri, Villieux, or Foster. None of those guys were going to make or break the Devils.

The 2nd rounder and Zid's $4 million are concerns, but this has the feel of a "gut move" for Lou. Sometimes guys like him get that gut feeling and go with it.

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It's only an overpayment psychologically cause you're giving up four, maybe five pieces for one player, plus we were led to believe Zidlicky would go for less both because he was trying to decrease the value by saying he'd only waive for the Devils and all the initial reports were for less.

But only the picks have any real value, at least to me since I was never a NaPalm fan even last year. And the second-rounder is pretty much market for a defenseman since stay-at-home defensemen were also going for 2's, you had to figure the only real puck-moving d-man on the market would also go for a 2. And who cares about a 3rd two years from now if both conditions wind up being met, it'll be a fun Spring. If not, then you only give up a 2 and still have Zidlicky next year.

Plus what's being looked on as a negative (the full extra year) can be a positive just as easily, if not more so. Now we don't have to rush one of the kids and Zidlicky's more than a straight rental.

TG taking a shot at the Post article saying we couldn't add money "Devils did increase payroll again today with that trade, by the way. Vernon Wormer will be upset." https://twitter.com/#!/TGfireandice

Unfortunately the Post can still point to the fact we randomly threw in Palmeri and Vellieux as proof we needed to kick back extra money to the Wild. If anything the three bodies we gave up have negative value :lol:

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As TG points out Palmieri and Veilleux's AHL salaries for the rest of the year are $40,000, which is literally nothing. It's much more likely that the Devils wanted to clear their reserve list, and that Minnesota wants bodies to finish out their year.

And here's the Post's inevitable rebuttal to how we were able to make this deal with our 'secret budget':


Lamoriello found a way to get Zidlicky and still remain beneath the secret payroll budget he operates under while the Devils receive advances on coming revenue from the league. Only $923,000 of Zidlicky’s $4 million salary for this season remains, and that is nearly offset by the departure of the $418,000 left on Foster’s salary, the $329,000 from Palmieri’s deal and $28,000 on Veilleux’s two-way, an additional deficit of only $148,000.

Zidlicky has next season remaining on his contract at $4 million. By then, the Devils might be free of the payroll limit. It is believed the Devils had to include so many players to satisfy that budget now.

So apparently (N)Єverson's only counting Palmeri's NHL salary, as if he's on a one-way deal.

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When will this team decide to go younger?

Hard to go much younger than a 19 year old defenseman.

Do we really need another 30+ Euro player?

Hey, the good news with a 30+ European guy is that he might actually be tired of playing in the World Championship - he might want to try the NHL playoffs out.

Annd another soft defenceman?

I love the word soft, it's probably my favorite hockey designation. Totally meaningless and a lot of really good players are 'soft'. Some idiot journalist called Ponikarovsky soft and thought the Devils made a bad deal.

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No one thought Ponikarvosky was a bad trade. Joe who + a 4th?

Still don't understand how some people insist that Fayne is a terrible defender

Well, I didn't say terrible. I just said the weakest link. Salvador, Volchenkov, Greene, and Taormina have been more solid than him.

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Heffffty price.

When will this team decide to go younger? Do we really need another 30+ Euro player? Annd another soft defenceman?

Some poo and a 2nd rd pick isn't hefty.

And as for younger... Larsson, Taormina, Henrique, Fayne, Tedenby, Josefson, Urbom, Palmieri, and Zharkov all had some time with the Devils this year. Some are contributing, and some have proven they aren't quite ready yet. Icing a rookie team that isn't ready doesn't help the team or the player.

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