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Marek zidlicky traded to Devils.


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ben00rs: Zidlicky is 35, has a year left on his contract, and is a healthy scratch in Minnesota while Minnesota slides down to the bottom of the standings, and everyone knows he wants out. If the Devils give up anyone decent for him, it's a huge mistake. If anyone gives up anything decent for him, it's a huge mistake.


Courtesy of PuckDaddy two days ago, I believe.

Doesn't nearly tell the whole story, but certainly interesting/entertaining.

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Report: No deal yet for Wild's Zidlicky


And the best part:

doh1.gif This writer has never followed the Devils. Doesn't get much more embarrassing than that now that the Devils PP is hotter than ever since those two have been out and has RISEN to 17th in the NHL.

And neither one even played the PP the last three months in the first place lol.

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lol i love how the wild is now all looking at all options, what is this niedermayer? trade em elsewhere and see if we care.

Exactly. The Wild can pretend that they have all of the leverage and bargaining power here, but the fact remains that Zidlicky has a full no trade clause for the rest of this season and, thus far, he is only willing to go to the Devils. They can work out all the deals the want with the Rangers, Flyers, Bruins, etc., but he can still veto all of them.

I highly doubt the Wild want to keep a player on their roster that has no desire to be there and calls out the coach through the media. Lous has the upper hand in these negotiations because, at the end of the day, if he stays in Minnesota or is traded somewhere else, is it really that big of a deal? It's not like we're talking about Ryan Suter of Shea Weber here.

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lol i love how the wild is now all looking at all options, what is this niedermayer? trade em elsewhere and see if we care.

seriously...let him wait it out then its not pressing but i think he's an upgrade over foster....so why not do foster and a 4th or 3rd for him....if he plays well enough we might be able to trade him after we win the cup this year for our 4th back

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Who is this guy and who wants to be the one to tell him that the NY Post article is speculation and not to use the information as fact in his blog... also it he's going to use a quote from Patrik Elias, he should cite and give credit to TG or Chere or whichever actual journalist was in the locker room talking to Patty.

I hate it when "bloggers" do this. This is why the NHL and Lou especially has problems with giving websites credentials. They already try to cheapen and steal work from the actual journalists.

Almost 100% of the stuff this guy puts in his blog is information he reads from TG or Chere. Good job, you can read the internet and then type what you read again.

Is this also the person pretending to be Chico on Facebook? Oh boy.

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Foster + 3rd is a good deal for zidlicky. But thats the most i would give up. I would not trade taormina he has potential he gets a lot of hate but he is a good player and he is still under 25 so lots of room to grow and improve.

People saying keep foster and get zidlicky makes no sense. Zidlicky is just as good at the point on the pp as foster, pretty surr i read somewhere 42 of his 60 goals have come on the pp. Unless they are thinking of moving kovy from the point but i doubt that.

I really do not like foster. Sure he has a good shot and is decent on the pp but thats it. Whats the point in dressing 7 d men and only using foster on the pp its a waste.

If the devils are going to trade for a d man foster should be in the deal. But not taormina. Thats my view.

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The extra year at $4 million makes this a non-starter.

The only significant salary that you might be sending the other way would be Greene and/or Zubrus to offset the difference. While I still hate the amount of money being shelled out to Greene, the savings of a Zidilicky/Greene swap are insignificant in the grand scheme of things. (Over two years, you save about $4 million, assuming Zidlicky gets replaced with someone with a league average d-man salary).

Zubrus, while a bit overpaid, is more valuable than Zidlicky every could be.

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Hasn't he been scratched for a while though?

No actually the Wild said he played his best hockey of the season the past three games.

This is getting Wild (get it?) though... wow.

This is all from @Russostrib Michael Russo from the Tribune up in Minny.

#mnwild source: Zidlicky to be scratched for #jets

#mnwild source confirms no Zidlicky trade yet; this is a team decision, apparently mostly by coach Mike Yeo

Zidlicky unavailable for comment today - per #mnwild PR

Yeo on sitting Zidlicky: "I'm making an assumption that his head would not be in the right place to play this game tonight." #mnwild

I'm being told wholeheartedly this was a Mike Yeo decision, that more than anything, playing Zidlicky is the wrong msg to #mnwildteammates

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