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Should We Claim Rolston

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yeah pretty much what ftw said. The reason the NHL doesn't have the problems that lower leagues do with cheap shots is 3 fold:

1: They're professionals. This is a job. Not that people don't flip out on the ice, but NHL players seem a lot less prone to anger than say, me.

2: There's cameras everywhere. In a lower level game, that might not be the case, you maybe could get away with a cheap shot. Remember in 1997 when John MacLean avoided suspension because they didn't have good video of his slash on Sundstrom? That would never happen today. If you do something that might incur a suspension, the league will see it and act accordingly, unless you are a Boston Bruin.

3: Like you said, inexperienced hockey players might not know how much damage a cheap shot can do.

Re: Rolston - there's so many better options that NJ could've had if they had wanted.

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