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Zajac Cleared For Contact and Practice with Team


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Travis Zajac took part in the Devils' morning skate today, but general manager Lou Lamoriello said the center is not yet close to being ready for a game.

Lamoriello had a meeting with Zajac, who had been sidelined with a sore Achilles tendon, and it was decided he would not discuss his status.

"Travis has been given the okay from the doctor to start practicing with the team and have contact," Lamoriello said today. "There is no date set (for playing a game). It is not going to happen immediately and there is no time frame."

Zajac suffered a torn Achilles tendon in August and needed surgery. After a lengthy rehab process he returned to play eight games, but had to take more time off when the tendon became too sore to play.


I would imagine he will make his comeback a game or two before the playoffs.

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With a comeback this late in the season...is it even worth it, for him and the team? Will he even be an effective 3rd line center?

Guess it all depends on how he looks in practices. If he's not in the lineup, clearly DeBoer and Co. don't think he's an improvement for this season over what they already have.

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If they didn't feel he was going to be at least 90% and an improvement to the team, they probably wouldn't have even bothered to try and have him practice. This can only be good news, if you ask me.

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can`t wait our future centr line - jj, zajac, adam, elias. looks like pitts line with pretty imressive wings forwards. lou made his job as well as he can without firsts draft picks.

JJ and Zajac were both first-rounders.

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I am really contemplating shifting Henrique to the wing for the playoffs if Zajac comes back strong.

Parise - Zajac - Kovalchuk

Henrique - Elias - Zubrus

Ponikarovsky - Josefson - Clarkson

Sykora - Carter - Bernier

Anything to kickstart the kid or get him away from our superstars right now.

We need a strong Zajac ready to go, in the worst way.

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