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GDT: Devils (yay!) @ Rangers (boo!) - 3/19/2012

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As part of a promotional gimmick, the New York Rangers decided to have short spelling bee for some first graders at center ice during an intermission.

The first child was asked to spell "cat".

The child said "C-A-T, cat" to which the fans started yelling, "Aw come on, give him another chance!"





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when we score i want to hear some, nah nah HEY! F@#K YOU! just for the rags, so its special

Ah ok. Thanks everyone haha. For some reason I thought he was justified in jumping in, you know since carter was getting cheap shotted on the ice.

looks like another biased ref night.

As much I love when the Devils beat the Rangers, tonight isn't the crucial game. Tomorrow is.

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bout time someone started a GDT. HFboards always gets the jump on us. I bet they're up to 10 pages of posts by now lol

Let's put that dismal performance of Sunday behind us and get a WIN here....Give the other team respect, but not TOO MUCH respect. (remember we HATE them!)

I'll take a regulation, OT or (god help me) shootout win. just don't lose!

:burn: :burn: :burn: :burn: :burn: :burn: :burn: :burn:

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You just know the Rangers took a few extra looks at the tapes of their last game against the Devils and saw how we outworked them. Anyone remember Boyle's comments after that game? ... how the Devils played with actual "hate" and that the Rangers didn't match that. Expect a different NYR team to show up tonight.

Here's hoping the Devils are ready. Go Devils.

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Until we lock up the 6 seed, every game is crucial. We need to get back on track with a win tonight, and take the season series of the Rags.

Let's Go Devils!

That's fanspeak...I know what you're saying, I'll always hate the Devils losing to the Rangers, but all losing this game would do would cause the Devils to lose their game-in-hand on the Sens. They'll still be three up on them heading into tomorrow.

Winning tonight would obviously help a loss tomorrow be less painful, but it still isn't going to hurt them too much if they lose tonight.

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