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GDT: Devils (yay!) @ Rangers (boo!) - 3/19/2012


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I feel like Tortorella overreacted and shouldn't have been upset at DeBoer. If he didn't want a fight he could've put his top line out there which would've owned the Devils fourth line. None of Boulton, Carter, or Janssen would've jumped or cheapshotted one of his skill guys. I wasn't too happy with Salvador being assessed a 10 minute misconduct for trying to get Bickel from jumping a bleeding Carter who was down on the ice. With that said, I enjoyed the 3 fights, I love the intensity and adrenaline rush.

Overall a horrible period for the Devils but they are lucky to get out of it just down a goal. Brodeur saved them that period. The Devils are getting owned in possession like they did against Pittsburgh, which I can't get too angry about since New York and Pittsburgh are quality teams, but its still frustrating. Hopefully they come out much stronger in the final two periods.

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wow MARTY another soft goal......

Are you serious with this one? You think MARTY'S the problem tonight?!

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Well at least the Devils can score on Lundqvist when he doesn't have his stick.

Down 2-1 at this point...gotta take it.

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oh, ok so Rupp crosschecks a guy when he's down, and WE get a penalty... no, that's totally fair :rolleyes:

"We didn't see that, but we saw Boulton..." right, and Pang is such an idiot for say Rupp played clean there...did he get hit with a puck where he's standing?

This game's another sh!tshow. letting teams that should lose beat us. WE ARE BETTER THAN THEM AND WE AREN'T PLAYING LIKE IT.

I hope DeBoer takes all their heads off. One does not come into a game vs the Rangers playing like this!

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