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The Official "2012 Playoffs Excitement" Thread


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Wait, that can't be right!! We all know how dedicated Pens fans are!! Why, some of them have loved that team for 6 or 7 years now!

Before this year, I had gone to Pittsburgh for 7 or 8 straight years for a Rangers-Pens game. During two of those years (between Lemieux retiring and Crosby) you wouldn't have even known Pittsburgh had a team when driving around the city. Was also there once on a weekend when the Steelers had a play-off game on the road. There were street vendors everywhere selling Steelers stuff, not ONE of them that I saw (about 15 different tables we checked out) had any penguins stuff.

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Pittsburgh fans are serious fairweather fans. If the Pirates miraculously became a good team, the city would be going crazy. It's a weird thing because the excitement is contagious, but most of the fans are, to steal a line from political jargon, low information fans and just follow the herd.

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This officiating is putrid, missed calls on a delay of gm and a high stick, and Mike Smith lost his glove and the play went on for a complete minute.

I agree except for the high stick, they showed a replay and the stick never hit the coyote in the face, he snapped his head back to sell it.

And apparently according to the rule book in toronto the play can continue if a goalie loses his glove.

Wow what a terrible offsides call against the kings.

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