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First Round: The Florida Panthers

Steven M.

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Marty has to go into this playoffs like this is his LAST chance at another glory run....

Hopefully he stands on his head and takes us all the way!

If we want to beat Florida, then all we gotta do is play the best game our team is capable of. If we want to beat Philly, Pitt, NYR or Boston, then Marty is going to have to go throwback on us and steal games.

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“The biggest mistake you can make when you get to this time of year is to overcoach or on the player’s side to try to do things that you didn’t do during the regular season,” DeBoer said. “We had success during the regular season because we had success playing a certain way and we did things a certain way and the key is not to change that.”

I find this quote for DeBoer reasuring.

hopefully that means he is not going to pull a Sutter!!

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I'm thinking Devils in 5. The matchups just don't favor Florida and I'm confident the Devs will be able to contain Vertseeg. Anything can happen in the playoffs, but I just don't see this being a long series.

Did a playoff preview on my show last night, so give it a listen if you have a half hour to kill.

DevsCast Playoff Preview

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