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Steven M.

EQF Game 2 - Playoff GDT: New Jersey Devils @ Florida Panthers

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Dammit how did you get tickets to that? lol I was online on the site the minute they went on sale trying for Trans Europe Express date but it kept crashing and after waiting in the queue for over an hour I just gave up.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Edit: Just saw how you got the tickets lol.

It was pretty awesome. I'm not a huge Kraftwerk fan, but the show was pretty incredible. They played stuff from Techno Pop for about a half hour, then an hour and a half of other stuff from all of the other albums. The 3D stuff for Numbers and Boing Boom Tschak/Musique Non Stop were pretty incredible.

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I have to say I like the way the Devils are responding to last night's loss. Take the positives out of the third and know that down never means out. I'll be there tomorrow night screaming for a big W and a successful power play. :koolaid: :koolaid: :koolaid:

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