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GDT: 4/19/12, Game 4 Quarterfinals (3) FLA @ (6) NJD

Devils Pride 26

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So its not like a NFL pre-game more a bar thing?

You can't up a full tailgate with BBQ and all. But depending on where you park - I have seen people hanging out and drinking at some of the parking lots. They also have a fanfest on the plaze with food, beer and music.

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Looks like another big sellout. I was nervous after the end of last game how many demoralized people would be on StubHub selling their tickets this time around. Doesn't look to be true though. We'll be loud.

Gotta support the team!! Tuesday was crushing but do we want the players to come back strong? Yes, so we fans need to bring it too.. Never give up!!

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Pleaseeeeeee win this game boys!!! We need to redeem ourselves! We are wayyyyy better than we played last game. I'm having a pretty Sh!tty week and need a pick-me-up. We can win this series!!! Still not ready to switch over completely to baseball sooooooo LGD,!!!!

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260 tickets left on stubhub .... that being said


That's to be expected. When the sellout was announced last game, there were still several hundred tickets on StubHub. Probably as many last minute people who can't make it as there are people that decide to get last minute tickets. It cancels itself out. Can't wait to hop on the PATH and make my way in...

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I have a lot of respect for Clemmensen, for what he did with the devils when Marty was out. I think it's cool that he's finally getting his first Playoff start. Good for him...

And with that being said, I hope he chokes tonight. Let's go Devils !!!

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