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GDT: 4/19/12, Game 4 Quarterfinals (3) FLA @ (6) NJD

Devils Pride 26

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anyone else notice that salvadore now has 5 points in the series to give him better than a point per game?!?! hell yeah bryce!!!

EDIT: so it turns out that was crappy iphone nhl app giving me bad info :rolleyes: regardless still offensive explosion for the steadiest defenseman on the team all season

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Chance of Marty shutout tonight? 99 Percent.


I have to admit something to all of you though....I recorded Game 1 and watched it sunday...Devils won. Watched Game 2 and 3 in real time, Devils lost. Missed tonights but caught the last 2 min...Devils win. Maybe I shouldnt watch the games.

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Guest BelieveinBrodeur

Good win

Good solid game for Brodeur.

Bernier, Gionta, Carter our fourth line that can score no need for the goons Gionta proved himself, Deboer said it.

Powerplay went good

Penatly kill back to solid( be consistent:()

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I couldn't be happier Brodeur made me eat my words

The first period was shaky I thought, but the Devils kept at it and Brodeur bailed them out big time. If Brodeur plays this well, there's no way the Panthers can win. Excellent win, but Devils need to avoid the box at all costs. There's just no reason with the panthers to walk the line physically with them, Devils are clearly the better team.

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