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Give me a "D" !!!!!!

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He did that chant only after scoring goals. He walked around like he was something special. I found it annoying. The guy who used to sit behind me used to dress up like a devil, cape included. He would go down the steps between 119 and 120 with placards that spelled out D-E-V-I-L-S. He started the chant and then Baumann decided he would do the same thing for the tier directly above us. I stand by my sentiments. I hope never to see him again in this or any other lifetime.

While I loved Baumann's chants at CAA I think its perfectly fair to not want to sit by it. After all, it was something that happened every game in it's peak. It's not like you could really escape it though as they usually put it up on the screen. But Star did the right thing - just moved away, didn't complain or anything.

And while I loved the chants I have to say the last point is def possible - I remember him doing something kind of rude the one time I ran into him back at the old arena (he ignored someone who was nice to him and complemented him on what he does) but I'll still give him the benefit of the doubt that he was distracted or something because he was bringing in a whole lot of "toys for tots that day and had his hands full.

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