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GDT: 4/24/12, Game 6 Quarterfinals Fla @ NJ

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Were we watching the same game? They didn't get lucky. They dominated that game. If anything, the puck bouncing in off of Poni on the first goal, and the complete blown call on the Kovy trip that d

LGD. No matter what, this is still my team.

"Hey, Abbott!!"

come one boys !!!!

im so fvcking nervous... I KNOW we CAN and SHOULD win this easily... but with what we've seen... never know



If we lose, we deserve to lose and we go home...that's that.

If we win, we live to see another day and more than likely lose at Florida later this week to send us home.

The nervousness and pressure is gone, this is just playing with house money at this point, this team is going NOWHERE

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on a side note that Nets banner behind the view at the Goal Bar needs to come down. Disgrace.

MSG now shows stock market data in their crawler lol. :blink: Only team I know you can buy stock in is the Green Bay Packers...

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if this series ends tonight i think youre going to find that kovalchuk has some nagging injury. i just cant see what else it is other then a guy who just cant adapt his game to playoff hockey.

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