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GDT: 4/26/12, Game 7 EC Quarterfinals NJ @ FLA


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I don't think there's a good side...

...just a least-bad side.

God help you all.

Guess we have (2) choices..

1. Devils WIN!

2. I shut down the interwebs so you can not post your nude pictures.

So only one real choice DEVILS MUST WIN!!!!

P.S. send nude pictures of yourself to all the panthers players. saying they win that ass if they win!

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Chelsea beat barca the other day (well over the two legs they did), 10 men, no central defenders to reach the final.

The Devils need to show the same sort of balls.


I am going 4-2 Devils with Andy Greene with the GWG.

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Yup, all signs point to Theo in net tonight. eh, but Melrose predicts us to win, he knows where it's at.....right?

Work til mid afternoon, then from the office to a class 5-6:30, usually I'm racing home to get to the tv in time for puck drop. Today I have an extra hour and a half. :dance:

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Still 1,700 tickets on stubhub for the game..... jesus christ what a shame its GAME fvckIN 7 PEOPLE. Floridians must be slow :argh:

I dont think thats that bad actually. 1700 people may have had something come up, or cut it in half for pairs. Heck, theres 700 Ranger tickets available right now.

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