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GDT: 4/26/12, Game 7 EC Quarterfinals NJ @ FLA


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i restart to believe in Marty after tonight... he was really average and sometime poor and i thought it could cost us the series... but hey i dont doubt anymore Brodeur was so good tonight it was vintage Marty and i believe in this team... everybody could step up and we are a complete... Flyers play garage ligue hockey against the pens... The way we could win is by playing a tight game system like we did agaisnt florida...

If our Key players score and marty goaltennding like tonight we will be fine

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damn, i wish we had more days off like the flyers did :-/

It's a double edged sword though. We've been playing do-or-die for the past two games while they've been sitting at home. They may be getting rusty. I think the Devils can steal game 1 on the road just because of the intensity of the last few games.

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Devils were warriors tonight. Marty wouldn't let a puck in during OT and I think a few Devils are playing through some leg injuries that would make them sit out a regular season game. Then Salvador coming back after the big two hander, as well.

First and foremost, Yay! That having been said, I will be the first to admit that i thought i was waiting for the titanic to sink after florida scored the second goal. What a pleasant surprise indeed. Marty looked like he was hit before the second goal, but the refs werent going to call another one off. In any case, it was a terrible penalty call that led to that goal because zidlicky got a panthers stick under his skate and slipped as he was clearing it. Anywho, the devils have a hell of a matchup ahead of them. Probably too late to fix the power play now, but they need to move more with the puck and create confusion. Having a man in front of the net wouldn't hurt either. That brings me to the pk, WTF happened to the best pk in the league? Devils need to pressure the puck carriers, sitting back didnt work against florida and it certainly wont work against a more talented philly squad. Last but not least, it looks like a few guys are nursing injuries. Most blatant being kovalchuk. I think its a groin issue and hope by the grace of god he will make some sort of progress by sunday. He just needs to rest at this point. I'm excited for sunday and lets hope bryzgalov continues his stellar playoff performance. Lets go devils! 2 cents.

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id like to bring up the fact that these backwoods fvckheads of fans the Panthers have were chanting "Maaaaaaaaarty Maaaaaaaaarty" when we scored

Yes they were...and then I elbowed the one next to me when I jumped to celebrate Adam's goal :dance:

What a game. What a series. This is what we live for. Suffer for hours, scream for a minute, be happy for at least a couple days.

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