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Any news on JJ or Talinder?

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jj went to a soft cast per TG earlier this week - i'd say 2 weeks from practicing - a round 3 return is possible - should they reach there, it will be interesting what they do as gionta has filled the 4th line center role quite well.

tallinder has just been getting the "status quo" treatment and i think it's assumed he's done for the season.

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Guest BelieveinBrodeur

Honestly? Hope Tallinder is better but don't really want him playing. Harrold has been good and we got young Tao who is decent D as well as offensive for future not Tallinder.

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This team would be miles better if it had a healthy Tallinder. He is so underrated around here.

Getting him back would be HUGE. Between him and Zidlicky our PP and PK would improve a lot, as well as 5on5. He's also a big guy, and as we go further into the playoffs, especially against a team like Philly, we'll need as much physical play as we can muster.

That being said, the D hasn't been bad, but he'd make it so much better.

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I'm thinking we don't see him unless someone else gets injured.

I think we've been lucky with injuries so far in these playoffs. Lucky in the sense that Kovy only missed a game and doesn't seem hampered by it, and also that Carter only ate bad lettuce. Otherwise, it's been smooth sailing.

I guess I'm saying we're due for some bad luck on that side.

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Per TG:

Center Jacob Josefson has skated on his own the last two days. Thursday was the first time on the ice for Josefson since he fractured his left wrist on April 3 against the Islanders.

Josefson did not skate for more that five weeks, so he’ll need some time to get his on-ice conditioning back, but it seems possible that he might be available to play if needed by some time later in the conference finals or at least the Stanley Cup Finals – if the Devils get that far.


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