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GDT: Eastern Conference Semis - Game 2 NJ @ Philadelphia - 5/1/12


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Im going fvcking insane fvck you philly fans fvck you go hone and go cry fvck you this is no pens and flyers series we are here to fight and win!!! KEEP IT UP BOYS

going back home tied up 1-1 the rock willl be fvcking rocking

come one guys LETS GO DEVILSS!!!

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Great game all around tonight. They persevered through two unfortunate hard fought periods and were rewarded. Bryzgalov was really good tonight. The Devils fought through it. Very impressive message sending type of game.

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Looks like we can all sleep easy tonight. Other than the goal (when Greene kinda bumped Marty) that was as close to a perfect game as I've seen in the playoffs in a long time. I don't put a lot of stock in online forums and the opinions that come from them, but it's very gratifying to see that kind of performance on the road after all the smack talk from Flyers fans about how the Devils didnt stand a chance. We made them look absolutely JV tonight. It will also be fun to watch them blame Bryz rather than give our our forecheck credit.

LGD! I'll see everyone at the Rock on Thursday.

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2nd period was solid...

3rd period was awesome...

Marty said it... discipline

PS: I will never, ever ever ever buy another Verizon Mobile product, because of that irritating Mother/Daughter whining commercial...

worst fvcking commercial ive ever seen. i was so happy after the game tonight, that commercial comes on, instantly feel like whipping things through the wall. can't stand those cvnts.

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Some of you really need to re-read what you posted on earlier pages of this thread.

Hell when I am one of the most optimistic people during this game you know something is up.

Great solid win by the devils and now we bring it on back home


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