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GDT: Eastern Conference Semis - Game 2 NJ @ Philadelphia - 5/1/12


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Oh, I get it...

So Ralph f-ckin' Macchio gets Miyagi's best stuff, but it's just too much to ask for a little help regarding Kovy...


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I'm calling that Henrique will have a big goal in this game. He's been flying ever since his first goal in Game 7 versus Fla... he had another breakaway against PHI in Game 1. I think he'll get it done again tonight.

No Kovy tonight? I think everyone should adopt Adam's quote for tonight.

"Somebody's got to be the hero... why not ME?"


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shots shots and more SHOTS

Hey...I'm ready when you are, pal!

[slight pause]

Oh...the game, you mean! My bad, yo. My bad.

Still, if you wanna pay for a few rounds of shots...ya know...I wouldn't say no or anything.

[EDIT: I now see that someone cracked this exact joke in the thread about the Predators suspensions. Not intentional, fellas. Now, let's discuss those shots...]

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Shoot it and we will win!

an underdog define somebody who participate in a fight and he is not expect to win... Tonight we will win as an underdog and those flyers cant do nothing about it.

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