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The I Hate Pierre Mcguire Thread


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I cannot stand to listen to him, if he talked any more about he loves the flyers and sucks them off it would be a porno. This is a thread speaking about the hatred I and I'm sure many of you have towards him. I would listen to the game on mute, but that would just be as awful as listening to his voice. Pierre Mcguire sucks and I cannot believe how bias he is and sucks such a fat one. :ECW:


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The guy just seems like an all out pansy to...the "rough stuff" in hockey makes him cry and he (like that prick Fishler) cheerleaded for the owners during the last lockout. Ass kissing loser if you ask me.

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We score a goal and that fvcking glow worm comments how the failyers are playing with fire??

What an a$$hole

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If you see any GTD where the devils lose, you will see a lot of posts of how the devils "didn't play 60 minutes".

What McGuire said is not much different than that. Their failings are because of their lack of effort without taking into account the other team is playing to win too

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It is insanely difficult to listen to him speak. Besides the fact that he is just backseat coaching the whole time, he only knows how to talk about what the team that's winning is doing right and the team that's losing is doing wrong. Great moment from game 1:

Pierre: "The Flyers are outplaying the Devils in every way possible, defensively, offensively, and in goaltending."

Doc: "And yet somehow the game is tied"

Been getting in the habit of muting the game whenever he talks.

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I felt like Cartman at the end of the Scott Tenorman episode, where hes licking scotts tears of Unfathomable Sadness...

McGuire sounded SO defeated at the end of Game 2.. like his toy broke and his mom wouldn't buy him a new one...

LOVE when hes like that, so satisfying

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