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Timonen VS Bryzgalov



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    • Bryzgalov
    • Timonen

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I dunno, I think Marty woulda covered it. Tonight at least lol Or cleared it to the right. But cover it most likely lol

Sorry Bryz, but that really could have been avoided. Coburn (I think) was right there with no one around. Looks like Bryzgalov panicked.

Yeah, Coburn

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Timonen deserves a little bit of blame for not realizing that Bryzgalov is clueless with handling the puck but at the same time, Bryzgalov had plenty of time to make a play and basically panicked and threw it right into Clarkson. So if I have to pick one it was more Bryzgalov's fault. Clarkson deserves some credit for putting on the pressure too, of course.

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I'd say it's Bryzgalov's fault for not dishing it off to Coburn or covering it. I don't blame Timonen for getting it back to Bryzgalov, though he probably should have either chipped it back out or thrown it behind the net.

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It was a lazy play by Timonen but Bryz is an NHL goalie. He might not be the best with a stick but he should be proficient enough to dump it to the corner or to either side. He had both his defensemen open and time enough to move it...

That said, great play by Clarkson to initiate the play!

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One time in a hundred, that play would have ended up in the net behind Marty, too. But he would have done a heck of a lot more with it before it ended up there... maybe drag it around the net and deke a forechecker or two first. Marty would never look like a deer in headlights.

Are we forgetting the post shot by Briere in the same game???

Chalk up another for Brizzly, no way that's Timonen's fault.

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