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Offical Devils vs Rangers thread


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Marty's chance for redemption for 1994. I'm a bit worried about the "Lundqvist factor"...he's been awesome and thus far we have not faced any really challenging goalies. I think it is imperative that the Devils don't let Lundqvist get in their heads...its very important.

Here we go...

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I don't wanna hear this scared sh!t. We're the fresher team, we dominated the Flyers (who, after beating the Penguins, inherited the "favorite" mantle). We can actually score goals, as opposed to the Caps. We've already proven that they're mentally strong enough to avoid the post-whistle crap.

The Rangers are going to be gassed. Two seven-game rounds is going to be a huge factor if the Devils keep playing like they did last round - they can wear 'em down.

Come out and take at least one in MSG and keep plowing through like they did in the second round.

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I watch the rangers brand of hockey this year and i am constantly uninspired. At times they can be frustrating and they have a very good goalie, but i actually think we've exposed them at times, and i think we have the big mo going. if we can contain the flyers offense... i think we should be able to contain the rangers. If we can forecheck like we did last round we will get to hank

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the rags have no fear of brodeur. nor should they.

Everything else about us should scare them

Yep, this is how it is. Devils have to stay out of the box, even though the Rangers PP stinks, their PP differential has really helped them out in the playoffs.

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Rangers have played a LOT of hockey thus far in the tournament. Devils need to take advantage of that.

I only watched the last two games of the Rags/Caps series, but Lundqvist gave up soft goals in both. He's human.

The Flyers were so impressive coming out of their series with Pittsburgh that they overlooked NJ. Hopefully NJ's impressiveness against Philly doesn't have them overlooking NYR.

Devils can win this. No doubt.

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