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Watch game 2 at Prudential Center

Vic Rattlehead18

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I will prob be attending too. I went to the one for game 5 against the Flyers and it was probably the best viewing party I have been to this entire season. Food was reasonable and pretty much everything the Devils advertised is what we got.

This is how viewing parties are done.

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Where do they hold the viewing party in the building? Do you sit in the seats and watch on the jumbotron?

It's held in the Ice Lounge everyone sits in the lounge seat or the seats around that section.

You can watch the jumbotron or you can watch the small TVs in the lounge

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I thought they said discounted? I know the menu has normal prices on it but figured they weren't just going around to change the listing.

Nope my slice of pizza was $5.75 but the soda was free.

Still much better than Miami mikes in terms of quality and price.

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The viewing party was great I didn't eat food at the Rock because I stopped at Dino's first. But I did get a free soda. The viewing party is free and parking is only 5 bucks com'on folks.

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i really dont get it. the first time they had it, it was so awesome. they get more and more disorganized every time they have it. Hey I love the fact that they even had the thing, but I asked the HEAD HONCHO where I could buy raffle tickets and he told me to find someone with an ipad, i talked to 3 ipad holders and they all said they werent the one selling the tickets. I guess everything goes to sh!t the more people show up

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