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GDT: ECF Game 2 - NJ Devils @ NY Rangers

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Devils spent so much time in the Rangers end that they were asking how the schools were and what the parking situation's like.

Let's have a repeat of our previous series. Come out with a game plan and stick to it. Discipline. AND HOPEFULLY NO BS REFFING TONIGHT!! GO DEVILS

cautiously optimistic. No repeats of the highly questionable officiating from the other night! Another incident like Del Zotto's closing the hand on the puck CANNOT be missed by 2 refs or it will keep

Amazing how quick that place quiets down.

I'll say it again.. half of the Rangers fan base are bandwagon Jets and bandwagon Yankees fans. Bunch of loudmouth idiots who know nothing about the sport but alot about flapping their gums.

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fvck the refs


2goals with such STUPID PENALTIES

yeah sure let's forget Clarkson's slash at end of the 1st period..wait we'll call Elias for ''roughing'' while Callahan goes for boarding...

oh wait let's not call Mcdonagh leaving the ice to hit Parise, but instead after call penalty on Zajac(stupid one but..)

fvck these refs,Bettman wishes there would be Rangers-LA final fvck him,

So upset at these refs, even missed an interference call at the end and they review that Brodeur save play? why the fvck did THEY NOT REVIEW when Lundqvist stood ala same play as Marty did

fvck them.

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Holy sh!t.. NBC finally showed the Poni 'penalty' replay.... WTF was that?


he did huh...

''interference Staal''....

dear fvcking god

Rangers can only score either on the powerplays THEY DON'T DESERVE and lucky bounces off a sh!tty ice

fvck them

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