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GDT: ECF Game 4 - NY Rangers @ NJ Devils 5/21/12


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LGD. I have a feeling its going to be a blow out win for the Devils tonight.

DM, I pray you are right! We need any W period, but a blowout win could get our spirits up and demoralize the Queen and the rest of the Rags! We need one early, and then hopefully some more! If it is 0-0 going into the 3rd again I will weep into my Playoff rally towel!

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"Our team plays better when [the fans are] loud and when they’re making it tough in here."- Captain Zach Parise. We look to tie the Eastern Conference Finals tonight at The Rock!

make that fvcking arena blow its roof off


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One thing about Lundqvist. He CAN be beat. And when he gets beat often enough, his confidence can be rattled. Remember, the Devils have lit him up a couple of times in the past. A big night against him could drastically change his mentality going forward.

What's sad is, it literally has been a couple of times...we all remember the 8-goal barrage, and a five-goal outburst, but I think his lifetime GAA against the Devils (regular season) is somewhere around 1.40 when those two games are taken out.

Anyway, the Devils seem to have the Rangers solved otherwise...but that won't mean a thing unless they find a way to beat this friggin' guy. JUST DO IT ALREADY!

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I've brought one in before and never had a problem and it's not on the list of excluded items. So argue if they give you a hard time.


I think security may be a little more discriminatory in this case though, given the circumstances here. Umbrellas can be used to do some damage.

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