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SL article rips Tortorella


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Did you hear what Tortorella said?

Time was that this would be the opening line to a predictable joke, because as everyone knows, John Tortorella doesn’t say much that actually contributes to the national dialogue — about hockey, or any activity equally pertinent to our lives.

D'Alessandro: John Tortorella, the hockey-coach parody, is better off keeping quiet

Thought everyone might get a kick out of this. His press conference wasn't too bad last night, but he still said absolutely nothing of use to any of the media besides offering up the solution the Rags problems by saying they need to have the puck more often. I mean, it's funny to watch sometimes, but it really is a bit childish when he refuses to answer perfectly reasonable questions from members of the media who are just trying to do their jobs.

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You very rarely get anything of use out of a coach's press conference. So long as Torts doesn't act like a petulant 10 year old (like he didn't last night -- follow the double negative), he's fine.

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I don't know about who is landing Parise this summer because I had 5 min conversation with Jeff Vanderbeek on Monday night prior to the game and the subject of Zach came up he stated "Don't worry it will work itself out", then went onto other general topics. . . . yes we did gloss over Booker

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