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GDT: ECF Game 5 - NJ Devils @ NY Rangers


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I have a feeling we need at least 5 to win this thing.

It seems that way...but at least we stabilized the game a little bit again after the last TV timeout.

They'd better have learned something from the Florida game, at least they didn't give up the second goal in the first like that game though they easily could have.

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Hopefully the Devils play much better in the 2nd and 3rd. Score doesn't reflect how well the Rangers played for the most part. The Devils were fortunate to capitalize on their chances early.

Big plus is the Queen is playing poorly!

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gotta love Jeremy Roenick during intermission:

(watching a clip of staal fall on his ass twice, completely untouched) "staal gets bumped down trying to be aggressive"

It might just be me, but I'm really tired of these nbc fools (MM & JR) and their tilt. Whenever discussing something the devils have to do it's "Hopefully, for the devils, they will..." Whenever discussing something the rangers have to do it's "Hopefully they will...". It's a subtle difference, but its there, as if the rangers adjusting is for the greater good of the universe or something. I try not to be a conspiracy theorist, but I'm noticing it way too often.


down with the 6 man goalie system! GO DEVS!

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