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GDT: ECF Game 5 - NJ Devils @ NY Rangers


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Well clearly this is the game Marty's going to have to win in the series...not a 1-0 or 2-1 game as we were saying earlier. Marty's about the only one that looks poised out there, well him and Zubrus. Our offensive 'stars' don't even look like they're alive. Our fourth line's had our best chances, but they also got hemmed in the zone by the Rangers' fourth line early in the second.

I agree, I feel like this one is up to Marty to win. Never would've thought it earlier but here we are. And yes, the 4th line is our best. Weird. Maybe they can get us another goal. I really hope so. Lets win this!

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Not unless we get a fourth goal. I think IF we get the fourth goal the game will stabilize again, but if it gets to 3-3, forget it.

No argument from me. I just think that 2nd period tends to be the Devs 'nap' time. They are usually great in the 1st and 3rd periods and then, bam, right in the middle of the game they take some Zzzzzzz's. But I absolutely agree that another goal will seal this one up and giving up another could be crushing. However, now that we are out of the 2nd, nap time is usually over. If history is an indicator, the further into the 3rd we get (or the further from the 2nd we get) the more active the Devs become. So the opening minutes of the 3rd are critical. Set up the forecheck, keep the Rags off the board, and possibly put an insurance puck away.

Gotta treat the Rangers goal like a lonely shepherd treats his flock: just keep scoring!

As an aside: if there is one issue I have with the current incarnation of the Devils it is this proclivity to fall asleep in the 2nd period. You can't do that all of the time. This is an excellent team, but this is a significant flaw that must be addressed in the next season under De Boer.

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Dear Devils,

Ever since 1994, I've wanted revenge on the Rangers. For 18 long years, we've had to endure video that grinning dooshbucket Messier lifting the Cup along with all the dirty hits he laid on our former players over the years, then we've had to endure that other dikhead Avery, and them

knocking us out of the playoffs a few years ago in our new building, not to mention the constant jeering of their loudmouth a-hole arrogant fans throughout the years.

Please Devils...please win this game.. bring the series back to NJ up 3-2 and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals one

last time for Marty and win it all. But... it all starts by winning this game.

C'mon boys! hang tough.. shut them out this third period and drive the nail into their coffin on Friday night in front of thousands of die-hard and joyful Devils fans.

Thank you.

Enough Said.



I can't believe this.

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Marty you really fvcked up.....

But did anyone else notice the ref waive off the goal and then call it. What the hell!

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