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Honestly I don't want to hear or read about the Kings till at least Sunday night. Thank god there's five days between series, this one deserves a little mini-celebration. Especially because the prior three series were 'oh my god, if we lose it'll suck so bad' for different reasons - the first-round curse in the first round, then having the Flyers and Rangers back to back.

This series will be just about playing to win and enjoying the moment at last, thank god. Yes there is other extracurricular stuff like what happened with Kovy last summer and what happened with Darryl Sutter and his brother in Calgary (though I can't say I miss Brent now lol), and Kovy being booed in LA will be shake-head worthy but it won't be the focus of the series.

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Marty gets us!!!!:

“We’ve won three Stanley Cups since then,” he said. “But, I think winning against them in the big stage, not just for me, but for the fans of New Jersey, people that are supporting us and always take a second seat to these guy for whatever reason, now they’ve got to be pretty happy going to work and going to school and doing all their things that they do. I know from some of the messages I got throughout this playoff series, we made a real happy right now by beating them.” - per TG

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It was 4:34 AM in Germany when i decided i just couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I went to bed, just as the siren sounded it's going to be overtime. I was confident we would win it, don't ask me why.

Then, this morning, i woke up and got the message that we made it to the SCF's. So proud to be a devils fan!


Ich hab hier was für dich: https://www.facebook.com/NewJerseyDevilsGermany ;-)

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Maybe not the matchup NBC and the NHL originally envisioned, but certainly the one they needed. Is there a better story than the Devils right now? Sure, I'm biased, but this is really a great sports story:

Hall of Fame goalie in the twilight of his career.

100 Million dollar man who turned around his game and playoff fortunes.

Captain in the last year of his contract coming back afer injury

Veteran D Man coming back after a missed season - becomes a playoff beast.

Younger brother of former-Devil getting his chance and cashing in.

Fourth line dominating 5 on 5.

I could go on. This is epic,mythical stuff. I'm glad to be part of it.

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