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Games 6 -Video from the Stands - OT Goal + other stuff


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(Hopefully you don't mind Scoops, but I'm gonna add my videos here too - if you do mind, just let me know and I'll pull em)

I posted this one in the GDT, but here it is again:

In the process of uploading the other videos now, will take a bit of time, but I'll add em when they're done.

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This is our first run with social media and camera phones where you can upload videos immediately.. It's great to see all of this stuff and makes me wish it could been around from '95 on

Lol if you wanted to see the 2000 Cup run clips, you bought the 2000 SC champions video package.

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My experience. The goal happened, I'm filming, camera pointed at the players while I'm watching my fellow fans jump around and hug each other. People were bunny hopping like Larry Robinson. Strangers high five-ing, hugging and just plain screaming. Some of us were dumbfounded and in shock that we were going to the cup. Later as we are walking from the top toward the escalators the fans were shouting 'beat la, and let's go devils, and go home rangers." As I was exiting some random dude high five-ed my friend and picked him up. It was amazing. Walking out people were honking horns in the 'lets go devils' tune. Some nice ranger fan was shaking hands of every one of us leaving and said, "Great series, go beat LA now." very rare. Another young teenage Ranger fan patted us on the back and said good luck, sadness on his face, but classy.

Overall it's an experience I'll never forget and I hope it pales in comparison to what comes next....

They need to bring the cup home to NJ. COME ON BOYS!

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